The Designer Hack

Designer Hack - Enamel Floral Choker

This enamel floral gold tone choker is the perfect Spring staple piece. Inspired by Versace and Dolce & Gabanna’s accessories from their 2019 runway accessory collections. We’ll make a Designer Hack version for way less.

lo kei -07738.jpg

Here’s what you’ll need:



Flower Charms

Jump Rings


Start by folding your chain in half, then take out the links in the center using your pliers so that you are left with two pieces of chain.

lo kei -07765.jpg
lo kei -07766.jpg

Next, you’re going to connect the floral charms. But first here’s a tip for working with jump rings. Opening jump rings you always want to open them front to back. Hold each side of the jump ring with your pliers, twist one hand away from yourself and the other towards (opening front to back) this way when you go to close your ring it maintains its shape and strength.

Open your jump rings and link together your floral charms.

Once you’ve created your floral links connect them to both sides of the chain using jump rings.

lo kei -07781.jpg

Finally, all that’s left is adding your lobster clasp using the same jump ring method.


Congratulations! You just saved $$ crafting the Designer Hack way!